At SIRU we invite everyone to enjoy and observe the world around us through different trips and adventures. Ministry of Tourism License Number: 73102089

Terms and Conditions

By registering for a SIRU trip, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in this statement:

1. Knowledge of risks:

At SIRU, we apply the highest safety requirements on our travels as part of our values ​​and mission. Our trips are preceded by detailed and lengthy preparations and are carried out in direct coordination with the competent authorities when necessary and with a field team on standby. Most of our trips are in an outdoor setting where our services are, transportation, safety rules, medical services and others.

2- Safety equipment:

During hiking, mountain walks or other similar activities, participants must wear the required safety equipment and (appropriate clothing) at all times. We, for our part, are not responsible for the consequences of failure to wear clothing, lack of required personal equipment, or failure to comply with safety instructions provided by the guides or their designee. Including cases of injury or death.

3 - Endurance and fitness:

Our hiking tours require physical effort. Participants should therefore notify us of any health or medical conditions they may suffer that may require medical intervention during the trip or may affect the harmony of the participants during the trip.

4 - Leave No Trace:

SIRU is one of the representatives of the International Leave No Trace Center, which teaches the principles of enjoying nature without negatively affecting it. All participants in our trips are required to follow leave no trace participles. 

5. Team Leadership:

All decisions made by the guide or his designee regarding safety procedures or homogenization of participants are final. In case of failure to comply with the directives of the guide or their delegates or the negative impact on the journey, the guide or his deputy shall have the right to cancel participation in the trip.

6. Team harmony:

To ensure the harmony and pleasure of all participants in the trip we ask all participants in our trips to pledge not to speak on topics that may raise the sensitivity of some and affect the harmony of the team. These topics include: religions, sects, sex, politics and football clubs.

7. Complaints:

In case of complaints, please bring them immediately to the guide or his / her designee for appropriate action.

8. Media and Marketing:

Please notify the guide or his / her designee if you do not wish us to take personal photos of you during the trip. SIRU reserves the right to use images and videos in advertising and marketing for its upcoming activities and trips.

9. Privacy Policy:

The information we collect before and during the trip is kept strictly confidential. SIRU will not provide this information to any party, such as name, address or telephone, to any third party other than the local authorities if requested.

10. The Charter:

Participants in our local and international trips must respect the laws and regulations of the country we are in, including dress code, behavior, ethics and laws. SIRU will not be held responsible for any participant who violates the laws and regulations of the country we are in.

11- General taste:

All participants in the trips must follow the laws of public decency and in case of violation of public decency regulations the violators will be referred to the authority.

12- Cancellation and Refund Policy:

The participant is entitled to a full refund if the trip is canceled by SIRU. Participants are entitled to a full refund, provided they communicate with SIRU and inform them 72 hours before the start of the trip.

13. Rules and Regulations:

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi courts shall be competent to resolve any dispute between the parties

       Prepared and adopted by SIRU

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